Atomic Wallet Token (AWC)

list of tokens
on Whales Mind .com


There is a list of ETH addresses with the biggest amount of Atomic Wallet Token (AWC) tokens on the left side of a table below.
The addresses are sorted from the biggest holders on the top.
You can see the development of the tokens count on every listed ETH address day by day in the right side of the table.
Green color means to increase and red color means to decrease the count of tokens.

Changes of tokens count do not have to mean a sale or a purchase every time.
Always try to do your own additional research for accurate conclusions.
Addresses of exchanges are excluded from the table.

show: 7 days 14 days 21 days 28 days
of whole mcap
The whale ETH adress
(The biggest whales are at the top.)
6 days
5 days
4 days
3 days
2 days

The biggest whales HODL.

The listed whales have 0 tokens all together.

They had 0 before 7 days.

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